How OBC call girl sunaina bribed officials with free sex

Cunning lazy greedy OBC call girl slim bsc sunaina took advantage of the hatred of powerful officials in the indian internet sector for a brilliant hardworking obc engineer, bribed them with free sex to steal the resume of the experienced obc engineer to get the mediocre inexperienced fraud call girl sunaina an important governmment job. These officials were so happy that the call girl sunaina half their age was sleeping with them for free that they falsely claimed that the call girl sunaina was their engineering college classmate from a top engineering college, with twenty years experience.
They also falsely claimed that the call girl sunaina was a major domain investor, ebay seller, to defame the brilliant obc engineer, when she had not spent a single paisa on domain names, and does not even have an ebay account. Now these fraud officials who falsely claim to be very honest are not willing to reverse the position they have fraudulently appointed the obc call girl sunaina to,.

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