Month: March 2019

In places where real estate fraud is rampant, hiring an office is not feasible

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One of the reasons why the domain investor is not renting an office in goa is because of the rampant real estate fraud in goa. The domain investor has to travel between multiple properties in goa and if she does not visit the property almost daily, the well connected greedy gujju fraudsters especially gujju sex service provider cbi employee housewife naina chanda, will falsely claim to own it and the associated bank account, investment, bribing the fraud liar intelligence and security agency employees in goa

The domain investor has to spend one hour travelling to the property, then often spend time at the bank and elsewhere shopping, doing other work. So even if she rented a office, she would not be able to visit it daily.

Hence unless the office is owned or the rent is very low, it is not possible to hire an office in panaji due to the ruthless gujju real estate fraudsters