Month: July 2021

Republic TV featuring Regus in the Raj Kundra case

Though the indian mainstream media has refused to cover the sex racket in the indian internet sector, with ntro/raw employees making fake claims about their greedy goan sugar babies, sunaina, siddhi, in a sex trade deal, the Raj Kundra case on adult/erotic films is getting a lot of coverage in the Hindi news channels. The marathi news channels are not giving much coverage, only the hindi news channels like Republic TV, News Nation, India news,, are covering the case in great detail, showing video clips of shilpa shetty, raj kundra’s wife
They are also showing photos of Regus , which is a coworking space provider repeatedly as the office of Kenrin one of the companies featured in the case. It would be interesting to found the linkage between Regus and Raj Kundra, who according to television channels is very wealthy having a net worth of Rs 2800 crore.