Month: April 2022

Though real domain investors make less money, consume less electricity, government officials continue their fraud with fake office stories

Since 2010, government agencies have been ruthless in persecuting, cheating, exploiting citizens doing computer work at home, claiming that they do not pay commercial rates for electricity. yet the fact remains that the electricity consumption of computers is very less, typically 15-20 units a month for 6-8 hours use daily,. In contrast the electricity consumption of a home with a refrigerator, geyser, washing machine is approximately 350-400 units a month, and if one or more airconditioner is used, it will increase to 450-550 units a month,.
The servant is using the refrigerator,and the electricity consumption of a refrigerator is far more than a computer, yet only those who do computer work at home are harassed, and denied their fundamental rights. The servant is working at home, making money on a hourly basis, often paid Rs 8000 monthly for 1 hour work, which is higher compared to the person doing computer work, yet only the person doing computer work is cheated, harassed and exploited since 2010
One of the main reasons for the harassment are allegedly the indian tech and internet companies who are openly involved in the biggest work at home fraud in the world, falsely claiming that frauds like goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan who do not spend any money on domains are domain investors.