Month: October 2009

The Convenient And Profitable Banner

Many local business owners feel cornered into minimalistic approaches when it comes to promoting their companies in today’s market conditions. Today’s weak economy is sending negative vibes to small business operators about their advertising approaches. The emphasis is being placed on featuring a streamlined form of publicity. To be able to pay for meaningful advertising may seem unlikely for your business, but survival mode or not, there are many of avenues to promote your products or services on a low budget, each of which can produce huge Return On Investment. Vinyl signs are wonderful advertising tools that offer a maximum return with minimal investments.

For example, printed vinyl banners may not be today’s avant-garde marketing strategy, but when you brainstorm for classic, straightforward ways of getting your message out to thousands of people with limitless color and versatility, that is precisely the benefit of investing in a printed vinyl banners.

How many other items can attract the ongoing attention of thousands of customers for less than $30.00? Vinyl banners can be used for a prolonged period of time for less than a steak dinner. Your business cards are only useful single-use at a time, a prize giveaway worth $30.00 may attract a few eyes, but your postage alone would exceed that to send out a small amount of mailers. An visually appealing banner, especially one in a popular location, can extend your message even faster and farther than word of mouth. Printed vinyl banners placed in strategic locations, allow for the best advertising potential with only a small investment of time and money.

One of the best benefits of vinyl banners is their portability. Printed vinyl signs are lightweight, and easy to move from one location to another, with quick installation. Customized printed vinyl banners are not only great for your on-site business use, but also at off-site shows. A quality sign can even be used outdoors for many years and still look like new. It will hold up through the ins and outs of countless trade show and expo booths, just roll it up to transport or store it. Vinyl banners are made to last. Fold or roll the banners up and reuse at your next products show or grand opening event.

With the expansion of banner sales online, businesses and customers can virtually order their own custom printed vinyl sign from anywhere in the around the globe and get a very competitive rate. Placing an online order offers the convenience and competitive prices with the click of a finger. When shopping online, it is important to compare the complete value afforded, aside from just the lowest price. Look for things like production time frame, set up costs, ink fees, finish work, etc.

Make your printed vinyl banner bigger, and the cost goes up, but so does your notice-ability. There are a limited number of companies, like, that can produce seamless vinyl banners as large as 8 ft. by 160 ft. Printed vinyl signs can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and prices. Additionally, they are able to manufacture and send out your printed vinyl banners the same day you order. The process is fast and efficient. Each custom order will be shipped the same day as the order is received.

Brad Gasaway, Vice President of Marketing at Namifiers explains “printed vinyl banners are one of those forever-trends.” “Our purpose is to be as on-demand with our printed vinyl signs as possible, so that clients can start getting results faster, and look to us for future needs.” Brad Gasaway, VP in charge of marketing, views vinyl banners as a mainstay in the world or advertising.

Promoting your product name or logo, a great sale, or an upcoming event can be as easy and low-cost as ordering a personalized sign. Order a personalized vinyl banner to promote an upcoming event and enjoy weeks of advertising.It can also be enjoyable as you choose how to personalize the sign to make it stand out. As far as style, there are many different options for material, support, and other viable upgrades like having your banner laminated to double its display life. However you dream to showcase it, it can be made. Your visions of colors and designs can be duplicated with printed vinyl banners.

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