Month: February 2020

SAP closes its offices in Bengaluru after employee tests positive for H1N1 virus

Though the goa government continues its BANKING, REAL ESTATE fraud on citizens who are working at home like the domain investor, there are many advantages of working at home which the corrupt liar officials in goa refuse to admit. In addition to not wasting time and money on travelling, expensive clothes, one of the main advantages of not going to office is the risk of catching infectious diseases is greatly reduced if a person is at home
Most offices have a large number of employees, and if one employee has any kind of infectious disease, other employees could also catch the disease. The domain investor got a severe cold, cough after visiting a bank in Mumbai, with an employee who was obviously ill
Software companies are also realizing the risk of having employees with viruses, with SAP closing its offices in Bengaluru after its employee tests positive for H1N1 virus