What's The Hoopla About The Aeron Chair?

The uniquely original Aeron chair line of quality office furniture boasts unmatched construction in the usual design of ergonomic office chair development. With the introduction of its distinctive construction elements, the Aeron chair remains unchallenged by other, more standard office seating products.

When designers Donald Chadwick and Bill Stumpf considered the design for the Aeron chair, they took into consideration all aspects of comfort, social respect and product reliability. From this careful consideration which speaks to today’s busy lifestyle while borrowing from the many cues found in general ergonomic office chair design, Chadwick and Stumpf revealed their “pellicle” fabric.

A mesh made from a DuPont polyester elastomeric product, the pellicle fabric seats and backing of the Aeron chair provides its owner with a sturdy yet supportive and breathable elastic flexion. Chadwick and Stumpf reasoned that a gently supportive mesh which gives with each bodily movement while offering the user breathability, would better support the user’s individual frame than the usual padding or cushions considered to be the market standard. By replacing the seating and backs of the usual office chair cushions and padding with this pellicle fabric, the Areon Chair gave birth to an exceptionally comfortable and distinctive seating experience.

The Aeron chair is a standout among its more conventional peers as well as its other ergonomic office chair rivals. Recognized and awarded numerous times within the influential business and furniture manufacturing industries, the Aeron chair began as and still remains the pinnacle of ergonomic office chair design.

Earning the, “Designs Greatest Hits” title by Your Company Magazine in 1999, the Aeron chair continued its journey along the less traveled ergonomic path where form and function meld into simple comfort and sleek design. Also named in 1999 as “Design of the Decade Gold Winner” by the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week Magazine, the Aeron chair was rated among the top by industry leaders and came out the clear winner again.

The 1998 prestigious “International Plastics Consumer Product and Design” award from the Society of Plastics Engineers went to the Aeron chair in recognition of its creative concepts and use of molded plastics. The international audience took notice of the Aeron chair by way of the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1996. This association awarded the Aeron chair with the “Gold Prize” thus bringing the Aeron chair influence to a higher level of competitive reach.

Borrowing the term “Aeron” from sports and automotive industry usage, the meaning of a high performance product design perfectly describes the intent of the Aeron chair. Built to withstand even the most constant and vigorous of uses, the Aeron chair delivers comfort as well as performance on a scale not normally seen among what is commonly considered a usually mundane office appliance. Given the design trends of the ergonomic office chair industry today, the concept of a high performance product blended with the desires for not only individual comfort options but also modern style, is a concept dared only by the Aeron chair.

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While ergonomic office chairs are widely available both on line as well as at most office supply stores, the Aeron chair design stylishly seeks to evolve from the customary and sometimes cold or bland design patterns of old. With its flexible pellicle fabric stretched across the seating and back, custom feature options such as lumbar and sacral support, Kinemat tilt for a more comfortable movement allowance for the legs as well as the 5 degree seat adjustability offered by the forward tilt feature, the Aeron chair out-maneuvers other ergonomic office chair competition by sleek and solid miles. ( aeron chair desk chair guide )

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