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April 23rd, 2023

Actress Priyanka Chopra sells her office in Andheri

The actress Priyanka Chopra was honest enough that one of the reasons she shifted to the United States was that she had some powerful enemies in India and was finding it difficult to get work. This is a major problem in all sectors, having powerful enemies is often the end of the career in india.
She had earlier invested in an office in Andheri Mumbai
During her visit to Mumbai, in April it appears that she sold the office, since she may not be planning to do much work in India in future.
She sold the office for approximately Rs 7 crores according to media reports
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December 3rd, 2022

Housewife Kajal Shah allegedly slow poisons husband and sells his Bhiwandi office

Indicating that relationships are extremely risky in India,a woman kajal shah along with her lover hitesh jain allegedly poisoned her husband kamalkant shah, a garment businessman in Santa Cruz according to media reports. Instead of killing him suddenly which would make people suspicious, she used slow poisoning to kill her husband.
Initially the doctors at Criticare Hospital could not diagnose the problem, so shah was admitted to Bombay Hospital
There blood tests indicated that he was being slowly poisoned since the arsenic and thallium levels in his blood were very high. So though the poisoning was detected in September, the hospital could not do anything about it and kamalkant shah die of multiple organ failure on September 19.
However since the doctors suspected poisoning they reported the death to the police who called all the family members to ask them whether they had any suspicion. While the wife was evasive the sister told the police that their relationship was strained and his mother had died a month earlier of similar symptoms. After the death of kamalkant shah, his wife immediately sold the bhiwandi office to collect the money, and was collecting the insurance money from his policies, when the police arrested her.
This shows that it is not advisable to trust a person who shows any signs of hostility, they may kill, like the case of shraddha walkar, aftab poonawala also showed.