Going Once is Not an Option for This Holiday

When I went to Casa Carrascal, I really was not sure what to expect. I had never been on any kind of guided walking holidays in Spain, or anyplace else for that matter. I do love to hike, but I still did not know what to expect. I knew after the first full day there that I was going to be sad when the holiday was over because the hosts made me feel so welcomed and part of the tour that we were all on.

The weather was not the best for that first day of the walking tour, but they did not let that stop them. They just rearranged some things so we could see places where it did not matter that there was a mist in the air. I really liked that they did not let a bit of bad weather ruin what turned out to be a really great day. I also liked that they did not hurry the small group I was in. If any of us had questions, they took their time in answering them, and they let us spend extra time at different spots along the way when one of us expressed interest in that.

The first day was amazing, and it just kept getting better from there. Each day, we would come back to the small hotel and get catered t with delicious foods and drinks. The food was all homemade, and I was even able to get some recipes for a couple of the dishes that I really liked. There was not anything about the holiday that I did not enjoy. I love all the pictures that I was able to take, and I particularly am fond of the memories that will keep me going back there in the future. Going just once is simply not an option!

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